Town of Alton Maine

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Town of Alton Maine

3352 Bennoch Road
Alton, ME 04468


(Fax: 207-394-3271)

Town Office Hours

Open Tuesdays and Thursdays
10AM- 6PM

Town Contacts

Selectmen, Assessors, and Overseers of the Poor John Belding, Chairman (2024): H-207-394-3065
Brenda Kennedy-Wade (2026): H-207-394-2236
Daniel Pittman: (2025): H-207-394-2166

Assessors Agent Penobscot Appraisal Service - Travis Roy - Email:

Treasurer, Deputy Clerk, Deputy Registrar Donna Rowley: 207-394-2601

Clerk, Registrar, Administrator to the Selectmen, FOI Officer, E911 Coordinator, General Assistance Administrator Kathy Deans: 207-394-2601

Tax Collector Kay Webb: 207-394-2601

Fire Chief Mark Wade: 207-394-2236

Assistant Fire Chief Mark King: 207-944-3724

Fire Warden Brian Ouellette

Plumbing Inspector, Code Enforcement Officer Philip Stevens, Jr - LPI & CEO: 1-774-276-0854

Sexton Nelson Feero (2022): 207-394-4501

Animal Control Officer Carrie Faloon: 207-403-3519

Local Health Officer (3 year) Betsy Innis (2026): 207-394-2601

RSU#34 Director (3 year) Laura Sanborn (2024): 207-394-4401

Election Warden (1 year - due 05/01/2024) Ron Borja

Trash Pick-up Maine Waste - Neil Bonneville: 207-659-2381
Trash pick-up is every Monday. Please have trash out by 7:00 AM.

Requests for General Assistance Applications are accepted on Tuesdays between 1:00 - 2:00pm.
Call: 207-394-2601 for an appointment.
During non-business hours please contact John Belding at 207-394-3065.